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Tin has a very high degree of malleability, but it is just as easily broken, if placed under pressure. When it breaks this metal emits a distinctive sound, defined as 'the cry of the tin'. It is an optimum heat conductor and this quality makes it suitable for use in the production of dishwarmers and ice-cream moulds.
Every toxic element has been completely eliminated from modern alloys and the European Economic Community has dictated strict regulations regarding its composition. Antimony, copper and bismuth are carefully measured, to guarantee their use for table crockery; moreover, the addition of a small percentage of silver has been permitted in the alloy.

The pewter has an extremely low melting point, so it should never placed in an oven, microwave or exposed to a naked flame, or any other direct heat source.
Unlike silver, it tarnishes very slowly, so requires minimal attention to keep it looking attractive. Gradually a natural patina will build up, enhancing the beauty, by softening the already gentle lines, adding warmth and character to the object. To maintain this natural look, you can:
- Dust the item with a brush;
- Lightly swab the surface of the item with methylated spirits to remove marks;
- Rub the item gently with a soft cloth or chamois leather;
- For display pieces only, apply a wax coating to help protect them.

If a polished look is preferred, almost any metal polish will do, and blemishes can be removed by simply rubbing gently in small circular motions with '0000' grade extra-fine steel wool. In the case of scratches, you can employ a slightly abrasive paste, such as those used to polish the bodywork of cars.
As with any object used for food or drink, pewter needs to be washed thoroughly before first use, and then subsequently with warm water and a liquid detergent, and it is suggested that delicate glassware and stemware should only be ever hand-washed this way.
Objects made from a combination of glass, or ceramic, and pewter should not be left to stand in water, as prolonged immersion could weaken the bond between the materials. It is better to dry the pewter straight away, as standing water can pit the surface of the pewter. It is also worth remembering that pewter is porous, so please do not allow food or drink to dry into the pewter.
Tableware and flatware can be washed in a dishwasher, but only on the lowest temperature setting using liquid dishwasher soap. Please let your pewter cool before removing it from the dishwasher to spare your fingertips and save your fingerprints.

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