Your Via Garibaldi 12 wish list is just that - a list of things on our website that you wish to own. You can use a wish list to keep track of items you like or find interesting, whether you want to buy them for yourself or for others. Planning a housewarming? Celebrating an anniversary or birthday? These are some of the many occasions that would be ideal for creating a wish list. Those who gift you an item will surely appreciate that they donated something useful and to your liking, thus eliminating the anxiety of receiving the "wrong" gift.

You can share a wish list with friends or family, or make it public so that others can search for it. A wish list is a great way to help others find the perfect gift for you, or to share ideas for a gift for a friend or family member.
Navigate through a catalog of over 3,000 items and freely add to your wish list those that interest you and fit your desires. Since no choice is conclusive for you, you give a greater range of possibilities to your friends and family, making it easier to meet their tastes and their budgets. Because a gift that pleases both the donor and the recipient, is the perfect gift.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some EXAMPLES OF WISH LISTS

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