The couples have the choice of inserting any item in the list and they will not be asked to purchase any unsold items or to complete services.

The couples also have the choice to add or eliminate items to the list at anytime.

Other items in the store can be provided to the couples from our supplier companies.

The couples can make changes to the items received up until two months after the wedding, however, it must be before the items are delivered.

The final list from the couples will be required to confirm the desired gifts or to indicate any changes. The couples have the choice to exchange their gifts no later than one year after their wedding.

Free storage for three months after the date of the wedding is offered to couples at our local warehouse.

Gifts will be delivered after they are confirmed by the couples. We do not allow items to be returned once they have been discussed and confirmed.

We do not accept claims on items after one month of delivery.

Delivery to Genova and Hinterland are free, unless otherwise discussed and agreed.

The couples must agree on any and all changes before any are made.

I declare I accept the Terms of Service.