With our simple process, you can add or delete any item from your wish list at anytime. You will not be asked to purchase all items on your wish list and you can freely make any adjustments as needed.

Please note that your events do have a set expiration date. You can change the items in your wish list up to two months after the event is held. However, that change must be made before the date of delivery.

The date of the event cannot exceed one year from the date of the creation of the wish list. The wish list will be automatically removed two months after the date of the event.

If you do not find a required product in our on-line catalog, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. Other items in our store can be provided to you from our suppliers.

Your wish list can be protected by a secure password or can be made easily accessible to others for your convenience.

Upon request, storage for items is offered at our local warehouse for up to three months after the date of the event free of charge.

You will be required to confirm the purchase of desired gifts or to indicate any changes you would like to make prior to delivery.

You can also covert your gifts for bonus credits which are expendable on other items, but can be used no later than one year after the date of the event.

Delivery to Genova and surrounding areas are free of charge. Standard shipping rates apply outside of this area unless otherwise discussed and agreed.

We do not allow items to be returned once they have been discussed and confirmed. All gifts will be delivered after this decision has been made.

We do not accept claims on damaged items kept one month past the date of delivery.

We will be available to conduct a meeting with you at your convenience for any changes you may want to make.

I have read and accept all conditions of service and intend to create my online wish list.