In the center of Genoa, on the first floor of the noble Palazzo Campanella (XVI century) we find Via Garibaldi 12 Lifestylestore.

The store has become the preferred destination for design enthusiasts and those wishing to decorate their home with gorgeous and stylish design items. Here buyers find modern furniture, crockery and glasses of famous international brands, alongside the corners dedicated to gardening, electronics and household appliances.

Appropriate to the private nature of the Genoese, the Bagnara family does not create an extravagant shop.

After the renovations carried out by the Lebanese architect William Sawaya, the store opens in 2001.

Buyers can venture on a marble staircase to discover the treasury of home furnishings distributed in eight rooms enriched with baroque decorations in stucco, due to its containing frescoes with scenes from the Punic Wars.

The building is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has long been considered a subject of conversation - it was part of the Grand Tour and is quoted in Pictures from Italy on one of Charles Dickens' travels.

"People often walk and confuse our shop with a museum", admits Lorenzo Bagnara, who, together with his parents, takes care of welcoming clients and recording couples in the lists of wedding lists.