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Matteo Brizio

Matteo Brizio (1983) Ligurian by birth, has lived in Stromboli since January 2021.

It comes from a graphic game whose intent was to fill a small format sheet, A4 or A5, with strokes, using the different colors of the Bic, used by the artist to write notes and to write the daily diary.
Transforming waiting, this living in the limbo of intentions into something active and achieving a result despite everything.

By transferring the practice to a large format, what may appear to be sheets hanging in the wind are born.

There is therefore no formal intentionality, the number of folds or how accentuated the plastic effect will be, decides the hand, the pen, the situation in which the artist finds himself, the size of the table, the way he is seated while he works, a conjunction of factors that cannot be governed but are simply indulged.
The only thing decided in advance are the colors, their combinations and textures: monochrome, stripes, chess, tartan, pied de poule and so on.

Often having to move from one house to another, between Stromboli, Salina, Genoa, Imperia and other places, these large sheets are folded to be transported inside a small bag.
The evident folds of the sheet are therefore also a hiccup.
The place and time dedicated to the exercise is noted on the back of the sheet, a sort of diary, another form of writing and scanning the day.

Red Bic ballpoint pen on paper.
Total time taken for the realization: approx. 12 hours

Unique work with box frame in white painted beech. On the back, a special window allows you to read the times and places of creation, annotated by the artist

Design: Matteo Brizio 2022
Width cms 80x104

1700.00 €

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